Information on Covid-19

April 2, 2020

Dear Fellow Ostomates, Family Caregivers and Medical Professionals:

Since our Support Group meetings and the Ostomy Care Associate and Teaching the Teachers programs had to be temporarily suspended because participants are placed at risk, we now will be sending you other ways to stay informed in the aftercare of ostomy surgery. We want to stay in touch with all of you during this time of isolation by offering new programs that will provide interesting links and information from medical experts locally, nationally and around the world. It is important to us to stay connected with you.

Remember, if you have a problem you can call our Help Line (305) 952-0951, and know that our website is constantly being updated.

Please read this very informative advisory from Johns Hopkins and stay safe. This is the best information that we have seen so far on the Coronavirus. Our main concern is that you all stay healthy during this pandemic.

Hal Spaet,